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Who comes up in your mind first when you read the following statements?

„He’s not a prankster. He’s a borderline sociopath. And he totally creeps me out.“
„With [him], something is not right. His movements are stilted, his speech is forced and artificial, and he exudes insincerity.“
„[His] chuckling callousness is suspect as is his willingness to adopt seemingly any position on any issue if it will help him gain a temporary advantage.“
„Since he has appeared on the scene I have wondered how anyone could remain so stuck in the year 1961. He seems like a time capsule of everything which was wrong with those times.“
„[H]e is a very strange guy, like a very good but not quite perfected synthetic human being. His face doesn’t match what he is saying. Weird things make him laugh.“

Be honest with yourself!

(Assorted reader comments taken from online op-eds by columnists Gail Collins and Charles M. Blow, New York Times, 12 May 2012)

Nota bene: I stand by my view that Stepford Mitt as Leader of the Free World will at least look very photogenic… On those documentary DVDs detailing the Rise of the East over the West.

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