Stray observations I

(i) In each of the four flights the uppermost stair is noticeably off, hence stepping outside from the apartment is always a steep step downwards at first.

(ii) For one hour straight, between 4 and 5am, a car alarm went on and off on the 82nd street, again and again. From which light sleep followed, and much too early a morning. Shut off the frigging car alarm, now!

(iii) Proceeding from the lake and Central Park Driveway, while ascending towards high life at 72nd street, I notice a striking odour and think to myself: Maybe a more befitting name for Strawberry Fields would be The Weedy Patch?

(iv) How can they not know about liquid sweetener in the US? (Or at least in the organic food fueled, overtly health-conscious Upper West Side of New York?) This is the darn United States of America! The greatest nation under God, the land of opportunity! The beacon of consumer sentiment, the epitome of awesomeness? But no artificial sweetener in liquid form available, anywhere.

(v) And no, syrup doesn’t cut it.

(vi) There is something wrong about nightfall taking place at 8pm in New York City in mid-August.

Hazy shades, West End Ave (Apthorp bldg.)

Hazy shades, West End Ave (Apthorp bldg.)

(vii) At dark, cicadas, katydids or crickets welcome the night just before my window, on the sill, with an unairy (eerie / eyrie) song.

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